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Nefarious - Death by Comics

October 8, 2018

Josh Tomar reprises his role as Crow to detail the fate of those who dare back Nefarious on patreon!

Nefarious - The Forty Thieves

September 10, 2018

Someone asked me if they do this song and dance number every time a new minion joins the ranks of Crow's army. And, until something in the comic demonstrates otherwise I'm going to say yes. It happens every. single. time.

I Can't Decide

July 9, 2018

Becky's plot to murder Crow is accidental leaked to the boss man himself. "I Can't Decide" be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel to be kept appraised of future Nefarious musicals and video content!

Good at Being Bad Musical

April 2, 2018

This week we have something special and different! Villains get the best musicals. “Good at Being Bad” is now available for your listening pleasure. Jailbreaks, explosions, riots, music man tributes. We have it all!   We appreciate any shares, retweets, reblogs to help get the musical around.


Prism P. 22
Lineage of Tyranny P. 20
Prism P. 21
Lineage of Tyranny P. 19
Prism P. 20
Lineage of Tyranny P. 18
Prism P. 19
Lineage of Tyranny P. 17
Prism P. 18
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