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It's finally happened! The Nefarious webcomic is now officially launched. Please bookmark us, and share the heck out of this link!  And be sure to check back on the site every monday for new comics. I would like to thank Hugh Colohan for his expert work on this site. I had no idea how to do any of this, but I gave him some graphics and he delivered. So if you ever need website design, shoot him over an email at hughcolohan@gmail.com.

Browse around, check out all the links, and enjoy the first story "Trouble in Paradise". I began by uploading the first 16 pages. Patrons have *really* early access to the comic, having already completed Trouble in Paradise and are on page twelve of the next story "It Came from the Wa-verse". So if you would like to support the comic consider giving that a look!


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