Issue 1: Trouble in Paradise.
Crow kicks off his adventure with a vacation! He travels to sunny Kyuutopia to kidnap its besieged princess, Foxglove. Meanwhile Princess Mayapple deals with a domestic threat.
Issue 2: It Came from the Waverse
A poker game between villains goes awry when a portal is opened to the dangerous "Wa-verse" and foul creatures of mustachioed design flow into Crow's airship.
Issue 3: Death by Paperwork
The story of how Crow met Becky, and how they accidentally murdered a guy.
Issue 4: Mala Kart Painbow Road
With his rule in the lava kingdom threatened. Malachite challenges his sister to a trial by go-kart to win back the hearts and minds of his ogre subjects.
Issue 5: Lineage of Tyranny
Crow discovers a brother he never knew he had and plans a coup with his siblings to either yell at or murder his father. He'll decide when he gets there.
Issue 6: Prism
Foxglove goes on a violent rampage to finally enact revenge on humanity.
Issue 7: High School Crucible
Crow's past with Mack and Mayapple is finally revealed.
Issue 9: x99 Lives
Issue 10: Molotov
Crow's mom hires Crow and his sister, Rook, to storm a castle and kidnap a princess.
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